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Our first HS field trip; FW zoo
My beautiful mermaid!
How our FHE activity ended....
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Holy smoke. I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted anything.
So much hasn't happened that I had plans for and while it could be seen as discouraging, I would rather think of it as focusing on more important things.
1-My health
2-My family's health
3-The general state of our family, including location.

I am currently in the middle of a cleanse. It started out as a juice fast (which I haven't done for 11+ years) but realized that my expectations and self-discipline were not where I could manage them.
Besides, I am still nursing and trying to wean Diego.
I started the juice fast because I was tired of feeling tired, slow, crampy and anxious and many other uncomfortable things and I really thought that I could make a noticeable difference in my health.
First 2 days were fine. I would drink my grape and lime juice whenever I was tired or hungry.
I did not freak out the way I normally do when I'm stressed or tired. I totally thought the juice fast could potentially kill me but I was pleasantly surprised at my energy levels and the biggest sticking point was my insomnia.
Far as I can tell, Gone!
3rd day I ate a few things but I have basically avoided:
Meat (any kind)
Any processed food-bread to desserts to cheese. Everything that came from a store.
I did have a bit of dairy on the 4th day but Not enough to bother me alot.
I have been avoiding drinking milk though.
I have avoided gluten or any wheat products for the 5 days.
NO sugar, honey or processed sugars.

So the wierd thing is that today Bruce made some amazing bread that was with store bought flour and honey. I had a couple of white flour, sugar and fruit laced muffins and soon after-My tongue is numb and I feel a bit weird. My tummy has been grumbling a bit too.
So I guess I don't know which of the 2 I need to stay away from. I love sugar and I think it has some intrinsic value (tasty?) but I know how crazy it can be to avoid the most common allergens here in the US.
I think the most common allergens are;
Milk (dairy)

These also happen to be the biggest agri-business monopolies in the US. I have also noticed that these foods or some version/deriative, are in all processed foods. I wonder what percentage of these foods are heavily sprayed for pesticides, have a multitude of hidden super fungus within and of course, the wonder of GMO. Genetically modified organism should stand for; Generally Messed-up Object.

I know I already ranted about food in the last 2 posts but how can we become more self-reliant ?
We are left with the only 2 options; growing our own food or getting them from a trust-worthy farmer. In most places of the world, this not a big deal. I wonder if alot of the "civilized" world is used to having someone gather, prepare and serve them what they eat. I still feel like it is akin to bondage. I don't like being forced to do something, let alone, forced to eat something that I know is not healthy for us.

I guess my point is to clarify and maybe warn.
I felt really good on the juice fast and I did not partake of any of the foods that we eat regularly here. No sugars, meats, processed grains or foods. I did not feel deprived or sick.

If you would like to know what I did eat, here it is;
Various fruits, blended into a juice (Vitamix was crucial).
I had many green veggie powder drinks in the juices.
I drank lots of water (mostly in the water)
I had butter, coconut milk and juice.
I ate quite a few gluten-free waffles (made with rice and potato starch)
I also had alot of fresh veggies.
I had alot of beef bone broth (delicious)
I had no meat, veggie-laden spaghetti, curry and soup.
I had plenty of rice and a bit of beans.
I would like to see what else I can eat without feeling terrible. I will post because I have to record it anyway.

Please remember this experiment was not for weight loss. I would actually like to put on some weight and I am a big supporter of fats. You need fats to function!

There were a couple of times that I craved meat but I think it was because I wasn't getting enough protein. Sugar cravings have been kept at bay because I made a point to have fruit sweetened veggie drinks. I love fruit and I believe that God put fruit on this earth for us to enjoy and there are lots of benefits to eating them!

So my next goal is to go organic for meat or drastically reduce their consumption.
Organic dairy
Organic fruit

I believe that a garden will reduce our grocery bill and it's nice to know they are safe and that God let me grow them!

I have so much else to write but I'm tired.
I have been off my hormone meds for 4 days. Sleeping well. yay!

Still want to start our own business but need to get organized and balanced first.
I am almost positive that my kids will NOT return to public school, especially in Arlington.
Not the way we roll....

Food Storage

As you all know, I am a fanatic about food.
I like yummy, fresh and healthy. I am picky about what I eat because our health and daily issues, depends on it.
So here is my fact for the day. Something big is happening and we need to do something about it. Our prophet has asked us to grow a garden, build up our food storage and take care of our bodies by exercising and maintaining our health.

One reason why this is so important to me is because I have lived in a place, and in the circumstances, where everyone sees and understands and values what they put into their body and how it correlates with their quality of life. I also have strictly diet-based issues.
We take for granted our food and our health because of 'tasty foods', (that we believe are tasty, when they are actually cheap, flavored poison) regardless of how it might affect us. Just because food is cheap, doesn't mean it's doing us any favors.

I'm a little upset with the idea of literally being brought into bondage because I didn't see or alert anyone else to the dangers of not feeding ourselves properly.

There are 3 federal bills being brought to the Senate table about our food, safety and access.
If these 2 bills were passed, we would no longer have access to local, fresh food. That means pesticide-irradiated-fungus laden-antibiotic resistant (entire food chains); produce, meat and dairy and grains. OUR WHOLE FOOD SUPPLY and diet.
If one bill is passed we might get our access to raw milk back. Do you boil human breastmilk? Why would you boil any mothers' milk, unless it is going to sit out for days, but then why would you drink it?
Of course, no one is talking about these bills because it's not a big deal. Yet.
Just wait until you can't find lactose-free milk or non irradiated lettuce or non-contaminated food in general.
This is not a scare tactic, this is real and some lawmakers and food giant lobbyists are trying to take away our ability to nourish our bodies with foods that can help and heal us.

If all our food was processed, refined, enriched and delivered (the only food available to purchase) to us; WE WOULD ALL have those diseases that we hear are so common; Diabetes, heart disease, and a myriad of other problems. Our bodies are not designed to digest these "foods" and the result is slow killer inflammation.

If I could, I would literally like to feed people those foods that could make them healthy.
But since I can't do that, I would like to plead with you, that you check or make food storage a priority, use it everyday in your cooking and incorporate fresh garden produce into your diet everyday.

Bruce was impressed to build up our food storage quickly and I'm pretty sure that everyone needs to think about it, because it has been mentioned by our church leaders, to the whole church.
I think I would like to redirect the purpose of this blog. I know I'm not a great cook but I am willing and ready to help people eat healthier.
By the way, there is lots of ways to eat well, yummy and healthy on a budget.
So if this post is too over the top for anyone, maybe you'll do a little research, dismiss me but keep it in the back of your mind.
I hope that you will see that we are not going out like that!


Maybe this was the wrong time to get off a processed food lifestyle. (holidays)
I probably should clarify; refined foods is much more of a health hazard. As is; High fructose corn syrup, any food colorants, artificial flavors or preservatives.
I recently had a Gluten free crust apple pie and it was smashing!
Halloween was tough. We threw away all the candy, after trying for 2 days to divvy it out (without gorging). WAsn't working.

I have a soapbox about food so I will leave it alone.

Anyway, We are hoping for some good news here in the next week or so and I will keep you posted.

LAst weeks dinners;
beans and rice (3 times)
whatever else I could scrounge up.
Halloween candy
apple pies

Yes, that's what we ate, and yes, that's why everyone here is on the verge is getting sick. NO MORE CANDY!

This weeks' dinners;
Ikea food
spaghetti (whole wheat noodles take longer to cook!)
White sauce veggie lasagna
red sauce chees veg lasagna
potato/brocolli cake, I need to figure out a protein for this meal.

We are going camping this weekend so I need to figure out some nonjunk food to take and make while camping; I am thinking pre-homemade burgers and veggie foils and fruit.

Pies have been on my mind for some time now but making the home-making the crust makes me want to poke my eyes out. I did buy a 6 inch pie and it was perfect. Not too much and everyone still got some pie! I might have to buy some 6 inch pie tins and give those for Christmas/Thanksgiving.

I still feel the need to do as much homemade gifts as I can so I am thinking about posting them on Yu-zen and maybe get some feedback?

Since I last wrote, Lilli started a new pre-k. I think she loves it!
Eva is still serious about homeschooling and so we are working towards that.

That's my news.

Processed foods

3 days into it and we are not doing as well as I had hoped.

Bruce and I are good, starving ourselves (not really) rather than eating crap.
Processed foods consist of any processed flours, all unhealthy vegetable oils and refined sugars.
So that also means pasta, bread, chocolate and all sweets.
But it also means we are doing better because we are mostly eating organic meats, fresh produce and all homemade (freshly ground whole flour) baked foods.
If we are home more and spend a little extra time making a few more meals all at once with better items then it's not so bad.
But the expense seems to be more of an issue when you talk about time spent, finding and buying the better produce and meats. Grains are really not as complicated but it's always better to buy in bulk, which is harder if you have kids with you.
I do want to give some benefits to trying this;
In these last 3 days we have not dealt with these symptoms (which are usually part of our days);
general itchiness
trouble sleeping

We had rice and beans 1st night
2-organic chicken, Org. broccoli and Bruce's bread. kids only
2-Vietnamese soup (beef broth, beef, bean sprouts, rice noodles). Brisa only
Sat has been hard- kids got hold of candy, soda and hot dogs. yuk.

But I went to the Farmers Market on Friday; got $30 of org chicken and ground beef, apples and honey and chocolate chips, pure sugar.
Sat. I went to another local Farmers Market (Cooper and Park Row) and went to the back of the store and found a sale shelf. There is tons of stuff back there! I got 2-3 lbs of red grapes, plums and round zucchini, a bag of dried mango, and 20 free range eggs,; all for 10 bucks!
I think all of the sale shelf produce is less than $2, in medium sized baskets.

I just need access to raw dairy and we'll be doing awesome!

Oh yes.....
Bruce found the camera so I will be posting pics too! Especially of the baked goods Bruce has a knack for making. We will be making cookies and Pie soon.
Leave it to me to pretend to be a foodie. Too bad that I'm such a cheapskate.
BTW I love food and think we need the right stuff to be and stay healthy.

Real Quick

Diego is big. Finally laughs now and it is the most wonderful sound in the world!

I just got a job teaching Zumba 3 days a week and I am nervous but excited!
I should start in Oct. 4.

We buried my beautiful grandma in July. It was nice to see family but it was hard to be in Utah for 2 weeks without Bruce. Not something I want to repeat.

Dylan is in School full time and Lilli JUST missed the cutoff point for qualifying for preschool.
So we are improvising: babysitter, Lita and hopefully a ballet class at the center where I will teach Zumba Fitness class.

That dang house in NRH has been a thorn in our side that strangely enough has spurred us to change and work hard to get it, so it's been good too. Of Course, we are NOWHERE near buying it (in foreclosure).

On another note, Bruce and I have accepted a challenge to bust out a prototype for a business that Bruce came up with. A men's line and a women's line. Pictures will not emerge until we have a plan and a way to protect it. Can't patent clothes!

Of course there a million things we want to do, but taking it one day at a time.
My new mentality is if it's meant to happen, it will, and if it's not on your time frame, you gotta trust God to get as prepared, for as long as you can, for what you want.
Sounds trite but for our instant gratification culture, it seems impossible.


Blogger had a really simple (1 click) background change setting and so I went for it. Just for the 1 person who reads this blog, Jessica!
AND the anon. stalker who is trying to sell me discount Viagra. I changed it for your viewing pleasure also.

Seems like this is going to be a crazy summer, but I'm up for it. I am starting to get really bored when I don't have alot to do. Which can be bad, because I don't take the time to be still and

Anyway, we seem to have alot planned and now I'm trying to squeeze in Zumba practice. It's crazy.
I need to chorograph and learn 12-14 songs. I need some good luck vibes sent my way.

I will post a dance video (only on the blog) as soon as I put one together.

I sure love summer!

Bring home this WWII hero!

Our Uncle Alan sent me this and I think it's a great cause. If it was my family, I'd want him home too.

"As Memorial Day approaches, I will be returning to CONUS from an OCONUS TDY just in time to remember my father, LTC Clifford Hopewell, a genuine hero of "The Great Escape" of World War II from Stalag Luft III. Two years ago to this day, I returned from Iraq, accompanying the body of a hero of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a young officer killed after only three weeks in country, and who left a young wife.

I now want to use this Memorial Day to bring to your attention the efforts to repatriate the last American Officer buried at Stalag Luft III in Germany, Distinguished Service Cross winner 1LT Ewart Sconiers. This repatriation has special significance for me since 1LT Sconiers was a fellow POW with my father, and his erroneous death certificate has now been corrected by a psychological autopsy conducted by Dr. Tamara Haygood and myself, with the help of his niece and Stalag Luft III archival researcher Marilyn Walton, herself the daughter of one of my father's roommates. It is anticipated that 1LT Sconiers will be exhumed from his military grave just outside Stalag Luft III and repatriated to Hawaii for forensics, then buried at his home.

The recovery is scheduled for June 20-26. They want the film crew folks there ready to go June 19, anticipating this may go more quickly than most. The Airmen Magazine will send a journalist/photographer to capture it...since active duty airmen will be part of the recovery team, since it's the 100th anniversary of the Air Force, and since one of their own is being recovered---very timely.

Ewart will be a feature story in the Columbus Dispatch (OH) on Memorial Day! We are hoping it will be fed to all the major news services.

The Northwest Florida Daily News will feature a "daily log" of the recovery, with our own Stephen Marks serving as guest journalist!

The big thing we are facing is financing for theses efforts. I am attaching the official flyer for this recovery. I ask for you to be generous in your contributions. The POC for contributions is Pamela Whitelock, as listed on the flyer."

This message is not an official DOD or Army communication, is unclassified, and is only for the benefit of the "Keeping the Promise" organization.

C. Alan Hopewell, Ph.D., MP, ABPP
American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology
Fellow, American Psychological Association
MAJ, MS, USA; "One Oak Leaf Cluster!"
Operation Iraqi Freedom; Surge Campaign Star